Enhancement America industrial production

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New York: Central bank of America, Federal Reserve said to producer of consumer goods and energy that with the investigation of international reports, production of industrial things are increased day by day.  Total Industrial production is increased 1.0 percent on the month of September but unexpected 0.1percent drop down in the month of August.

International feed industry federation observed that 2.3 percent of automotive products and home electronics products have devastated as biggest the loss in this year  with the  production of consumer  energy goods on the other 0.5 percent of goods are increased .

On the previous year, 4.3 percent of yield was enhanced in the month of September 2013.Solid industrial production of goods was recorded after the controversial of American figure.

The American businessmen enhancing their industries and development and it also increase the market of country as their businessmen working hard to earn money and develop their industries.