Enhancement in Rate of Unemployed in France, Recorded

Unemployed in France, France recorded rate of jobless, Hollande vows to provide jobs, Holland plans to remove employment


Paris: The Statistical Office of French Government has revealed that number of unemployed people in France has increase to 3.43 million in September. The government is providing unemployment allowance to jobless people, which is becoming constant burden on economy of country. Near about half million unemployed people have been registered in 2012 after taking over the government by President Francois Holland.

The minister of Hollande Mr. Mehnat Francois Rebsamen stated that it’s not easy to reduce the rate of unemployed people, until, the country does not produce strong rate of production. The government of Holland has vowed to start the projects which will help to remove the rate of jobless people till to 2017 because the government is paying allowances every month to them which decreasing the economy of the country and the news projects will provide them job opportunities in future.