Russian Completed All Promises with Ukraine


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Moscow: the North Eurasian country Russia has fulfilled its responsibilities of which it signed an agreement to fix the low price of gas contract with an East European country Ukraine. The statement is given by a Russian Energy Company Gazprom on yesterday. The spokesman of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov told to Russian news agencies that Russian government has just signed on an agreement with Ukraine on gas exports at low prices.

However, the Russian Federation has done the agreements which were signed on Thursday between Moscow, Kiev and Brussels. In addition, Kupriyanov said that Gazprom will be ready to restore gas supply to Ukraine when, Naftogaz (Ukraine state gas company) will complete its promises.

According to a Russian news agency, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed on deal, shows that thousands of cubic gas meters’ price will be settled to $ 378.22 till March 31, 2015. The Russia’s prime minister has promised to fulfill his responsibility about this deal.