Korean Air Facing Loss in Third Quarter

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Seoul:  According to the Korean Air’s statement, the company has faced the pure loss with 361.3 million US dollars, for which the responsibility is thrown on currency devaluation. In this situation, the value of company’s loans has been increased, on which the United States’ dollar is ruling. The Korean Air said in a account, the pure profit of South Korea’s leading air fleet for the period since July to September has been in a competition of 335.4 Erb which was won in previous year.


Mostly, relation of pure loss to the losses of foreign loans occurred through credits of the Korean Air and the additions in the prices of interests. However, 50.3% of profit has been seen cause of falling prices of oil in operating profit, has been reached at 240.7 ERB Won. Company further said in a statement, it has reached at 3.16 Trillion Won with a slight decrease of 0.6% on sales.