Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan, Likely to Create Record

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Kabul: the United Nation has stated in account, cultivation and production of drugs is continuously being increasing in Afghanistan, through which new record is likely to become this year for the cultivation of Opium. According to the media reports, it has been said in a report of survey which has been issued by UNODC (UN agency) for the prevention of Drugs and crimes.

The newly elected president was told regarding the faced challenges like, would be a big challenge for them to tackle with the Taliban insurgency after the evacuation by foreign troops from Afghanistan. They said, because revolt of Taliban playing main role in shape of Opium’s trade. The Afghan Taliban using the resultant income by trading of the drugs in their rebellion activities.

According to the latest survey, the cultivation of Opium has been extended at the area of 224,000 hectares in during year 2014. This rate has been increased by 7% of more production in provinces of Afghanistan where poppy is produced.