Fats Rich Foods Become Good for Health, Medical Experts

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London:  American researches are proved that oily foods are good for health. After receiving many evidences, experts demonstrated that use of fatty diet is not only reduces obesity of the body but it is good for the heart disease patient.

As we heard that oily foods are not good for health, it creates problems for coronary arteries which increase the chances of heart disease. American experts confirmed that for years we have been told, the use of fats in our daily diet makes us sick and creates hurdles in arteries of heart and in this case the chances of heart diseases rise up. Many scientists of Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard have researched on five million people but failed to find any conclusive evidence on the fats which disclose, fatty diet is the major cause of heart diseases.

Recently medical experts researched on Scandinavia (historical and cultural-linguistic region in Northern Europe) it shows, those people who avoid using milk, yogurt, butter and cream, however, they suffer in obesity rapidly than those who eat full of fat food.