America Is Considering Rendering Defense Weapons To Ukrianiam Military

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According to American media American government is considering for providing defense weapons to Ukrainian government for war against Russian rebels.

The media reported that American authorities are considering the possibility of sending weapons that are used for defense.

Well about this concern the final decision has not been made up till now. However the Spokesperson of national security “Brnadyt Meehan” has said that American is continuously reviewing its policies for Ukraine.

This information is disclosed at the moment when the dispute among government forces and rebels of eastern regions of Ukraine has strengthened.

In Washington the journalist of BBC “John Supl” has said that in start American president was not in the favor for Ukrainian government to take weapons as he had threat that it can initiate war between America and Russia.

Right now America is providing non fatal military aid to Ukraine like gas mask and Radars.

On Monday in a report of New York Times, it is said that after failure of plan Monterey sanctions for resisting Russia to assist rebels the issue of providing defense weapon is arisen.

CNN said that America can provide Ukraine defense weapons like anti tank, anti missile and anti mortar.