BMW Has Rectified Car Security ‘Software’

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The international company BMW ‘software’ has rectified the software through “security patches” which was out of order due to which 22 million cars were at the mercy of hackers

This error occurred in the cars in which BMW “Connected Drive” software that was fitted that uses ‘on board’ SIM card. The affected cars include Rolls-Royce and Mini models

BMW says that the software locks doors, air conditioning and is used for traffic updates and it does not affect the car’s brakes and steering etc.

Though no car has been hacked yet, however this error is pinpointed by Germany Motor Association ADAC

According to research of experts of ADAC cars were trying to contact through a fake telephonic network. Due to which it was possible for a hacker to take control of anything that uses sim.

According to BMW, security patches, will be automatically installed however if in case in any car this new software is not installed due to no mobile signals and, an individual can install it though his car’s menu via update services.