Taiwan plane crash. The Plane Crashed Into The Sea 23 People Dead, 20 People Are Still Missing

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The Plane Crashed Into The Sea 23 People Dead, 20 People Are Still Missing.

In Taiwan’s capital Taipei rescuers pulled debris of damaged plane of Trans Asia Airlines from river that was crashed on Wednesday morning.

It have been confirmed that this accident killed 23 people so far, while 20 others are still missing.

The domestic flight was carrying 58 people and according to relief agencies in the disaster 15 people injured that are being treated at local hospitals, which includes a toddler.

This plane was set off from Sungsn airport of Taipei towards Kanman Island, it instantly hit the bridge and fell into the river

Television aired footage showed that rescue workers were extracting parts of wreckage from water through crane.

According to reports, 58 people were boarded in the plan among which 53 were passengers and 5 were crew members. In passengers, 31 were Chinese tourists. In Taipei report of Newsfly said that Chinese tourists were possibly going back. Many Chinese tourists come to Taiwan through Kanman Island. It must be remembered that another plane of Trans Asia airline was crashed in stormy weather last year in which 48 people were killed.