Services Of Cristiano Ronaldo In 30 Million Pounds

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Portuguese Football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent says the total value of his services is 30 million pounds.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent kurky Mendis told Newsfy Sports team that if letting Ronaldo to Rayal Madrid tomorrow, he can be bought for £ 30 million

Kurky told Nesfly sports editor that the captain of the Portuguese national football team, is the best player so far. He is the best player in the world and he cannot he compared with someone else

29-year-old Ronaldo, is awared consecutively three time in this year for best player in which he had left behind Laynal Massey.

When he was asked how in how many amount Ronaldo’s services can be obtained he answered: “Ronaldo? A billion, I bet a billion dollars in which his services can be obtained (their worth) as it is difficult to find someone similar to him in services.

However he insisted that Ronaldo to whom Rayal Madrid bought in

If for any reason, his club decides to sell him for £ 30 million, surely someone will be willing to buy him

However, he insisted that Ronaldo, to whom Real Madrid, bought in 2009 for eight million pounds, will be part of the club, indeed he loves his fans of former club Manchester United.

When he was asked would he end his career there?  He replied, “Of course, he would not leave Real Madrid.

According to the information delivered by Mendis, he assisted in a billion pounds worth of contracts undertaken and in sports world he is considered the world’s most powerful sportsman.