Rebels Of Ukraine Claim Of Surrounding An Important Town

Rebels Of Ukraine Claim Of Surrounding.



Russian rebels of Ukraine said that they have surrounded an important town “Debalatsawa” while Ukraine said that their forces are fighting on a road.

Before this The US President Barack Obama did not deny the possibility to provide lethal defense weapon to Ukraine in case of failure in solving political crisis in eastern Ukraine.

After conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in Washington, he said that Russia violated all obligations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama negotiated about the new peace agreement to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.


The idea of providing weapons to Ukraine Barack Obama is under pressure from US officials

Russia denies of helping the rebels in Ukraine and providing military and arms.

The rebels of Ukraine said on Monday that they disconnected land contact of a town Debalatsawa located near Donetsk the Ukrainian army told the News-fly Team that fight is continue there.

Ukraine’s military spokesman told the News-fly Team that fight is continued on a road near Debalatsawa.

An intense fight between Debalatsawa rebels and government forces is continued since last week.

Ukraine government said in last 24 hour 9 soldiers and minimum 7 citizens have been died in this fight.

In Ukraine crisis, 5,300 people have been killed so far, while at least 15 million people have been displaced and forced.