Incheon Clash Of 100 Cars Two People Dead

incheon pileup

In Incheon, South Korean city, almost one hundred collided two people were killed and dozens were wounded in it.

According to Yen Heep news agency this accident was happened near international airport on a bridge.

The agency says 42 people were injured in the accident, eight of whom are in critical condition.

Police said according to initial reports due to fog firstly a bus collided with a car after with other cars behind them collided with each other one by one.

The bridge on which that incident has happened connects Incheon and Capital Seoul with airport located on island Jung.

After accident the road of Seoul and lanes of other side of road, have been closed.

According to the Associated Press news agency police said that rescue workers did not reach to all vehicles after a long time after accident.

According to them accident was caused due to fog and rescue operations are also difficult due to fog.