Australian Captain Michael Clarke Will Not Play Matches Against England

                        Australian Captain Michael Clarke Will Not Play Matches Against England

they not play matches they was injured and unfit again hop they will again play matches soon other teams. Australian captain Micheal Clarke a real hero for our team.

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Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke will not participate in Cricket World Cup match against England; first match his team, on Saturday 15th

Australia coach Darren Lehmann said he expects that he will be fit before the match against Bangladesh on February 21 will fit

33-year-old Clark is continuously suffering from hamstrings and due to this reason he separated from Test series against India.

After two months On Wednesday, he stepped in warm-up match against the UAE and made a half-century too.

However Darren Clarke returns Lehman said that although Clark’s returning back to match is good however he is not playing snatcher’s Match

He said: “We are happy and satisfied with their improvement, but we will go according to plan and they will play against Bangladesh

Michael Clarke is suffering from hamstrings since November 2014 during match against South Africa

After the first Test against India in Adelaide again the first day and he suffered because of the pain in the backache he had to go out during batting.

Clark also said that this illness could ruin his career as well

However, on December 24, he had expressed his wish to participate in the World Cup and then returned to the field in grade cricket match