Hollywood’s Film Fifty Shades Of Gray Is Much Better Than Novel

                       Hollywood’s Film Fifty Shades Of Gray Is Much Better Than Novel

Hollywood all movies is perfect but i think some movies is really good and my best movie is fifty shades of gray.this is really great movies they break all movies records in future.

fifty shades of gre

Hollywood’s new film based on the famous romantic novel “Fifty shades of gray” has been released in Berlin and many critics gave positive opinion about it.

“Variety magazine, declared this movie much better than the book ‘Guardian’ newspaper also gave almost same opinion

This love story is between a young girl student and Billionaire Christian Gray. And in this relationship an attractive romantic attraction is described.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ newspaper’s Sheri Linden agreed that the movie is better than the book. But in her view, are romantic sconces are disappointing so for.

‘The romantic scenes appear gradually and there is no romantic tension.

Sarah Stuart said in the New York Post ‘This film is in fact a light blue movie made for women’

Guardian’s Jordan Hoffman movie star, admired performance of actress Dakota Johnson’s and said like his mother Malnee Grifthsons, she also has great potential of acting.