iPhone 6 Plus Problem

                                                                           iPhone 6 Plus Problem

iphone 6 plus is really good phone but some time is many issues of this types of machines so you don’t worry i think they is registered company and they is claims your every issue and solve your all problems.

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Is your iPhone 6 plus captured a blurred picture? If it happened so then you are not alone facing this problem because most iPhone 6 plus users have filed complain for this problem, before this its alignment is not accurate after using, after that issue of operating system and now it’s back camera does not captured clear photo.

User says that we keep it much safe but result of its back camera still same as it is made by trembling hands. Many users of this problem are contacting the company for changing its new cell i phone 6 plus.

Thus far the company “Apple” has not made it clear that this problem is hardware or software, however, experts believe that technology is the problem in this phone system.i phone 6 is really expensive cell and you can use i phone 6 plus use smart way .

According to experts the system of this phone have a device “Motion Processor” which works to measure the temperature can create a problem that is why camera does not work properly.