Cyber Criminals Of One Billion Dollars Revealed

                                          Cyber Criminals Of One Billion Dollars Revealed

cyber criminals growth daily but many country strict policy again by cyber crime. cyber criminals is fast way to rich but they is not real way of money making. many young boys and girls for punish for this activity so every peopled do not again this type activity.cyber criminals is really bad activity.



In a new report about the security of computers, it has been claimed that 100 banks and financial institutions around the world have faced such ‘cyber-robberies that have no example.

Computer security company “Kaspersky Lab” estimated that starting from 2013 to present in cyber attacks nearly one billion dollars has been stolen.

The company said that behind these attacks are,Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese cyber criminal. Kaspersky says that in this regard it has worked closely Interpol investigation and with Yuropol.

According to the report, these attacks were done in Russia, Germany, USA, China, Ukraine, Canada and in 30 other countries.

INTERPOL Digital Crime Centre director Sanjay Virmani said: “once again these attachks represent that that criminals will take advantage of any system weaknesse”

Kaspersky said that new thing is that the attack is that cyber criminals targeted to bank directly to steal money instead of targeting consumers.

The gang involved in crimes of Security company is named “Karbnak” that insert virus in banking network and record all activities  and monitor all work that staff is doing on their computers.

In some cases the criminals were succeeded in transferring amounts to their personal accounts and ordering required amount to be withdrawn from cash machine.

Kaspersky said in this of kind of cyber-robberies were occurred one after each in two to four months and one million dollars were stolen in the attack.

The team leader of The Company’s report experts Sergei Guluanu said that “It is very specialized cyber heist”