US Again Warned Russia On Ukraine Crisis

                                                              US Again Warned Russia On Ukraine Crisis

UK Ukraine crisis.

uk ukraine crisis
uk ukraine crisis

America accused Russia for violating the ceasefire agreement done in Minsk, however UN Security Council unanimously endorsed the ceasefire agreement.

US Vice President Joe Biden has said that it will be costly for Russia if it violates the agreement. Meanwhile last week on Tuesday fierce fighting continued after agreement in Ukraine’s eastern city Debalusteu and rebels claimed that now much area of eastern Ukraine has been occupied by them.

On the other hand, The Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Government of Ukraine that it may allow soldiers to surrender against rebels in the city Debalusteu.

Putin expressed the expectation that rebels will allow captured soldiers to go back to their families.

UN Security Council has appealed for an immediate ceasefire in this region.

US Ambassador Samantha Power said she heartily welcomes the agreement, but Russia has to prove its commitment towards peace.

He said: “to stop armed separatists, except from his soldiers stop sending hundreds of heavy weapons across the border. Stop showing about actions done by you that you are not doing them

Who are you to show off about it that you are not. ”

She added: “Russia is a signatory to the agreement and so far as it is for its infringement. Russia becomes the bearer of the sovereignty of other countries, and behaves like its neighbors don’t even have boundaries. ”

Samantha Power said: “It is ironic that the resolution is set by Russia and Ukraine is fully behind the attack.”