World Population Growth And Distribution

World Population Growth And Distribution,the united nation and accepted authority on population level estimates that the world population reached 6 billion in 1999 and easily increasing more then 77 million person the rate of increase 1.3% per years has fallen below the peak rate of 2% person per year attained by 1970 by the late 2040s,the united estimates, the growth rate will have fallen tow about 0.64% annually, at which time more then 50 countries will expedience negative growth.

World Population Growth And Distribution
World Population Growth And Distribution

1.Past And Present Growth

starting in 17th century, great and advances in scientific knowledge,agree culture,industry medicine and social organization made possible rapid acceleration in population growth.machines gradually replaced human and animals labour.

2.Regional Distribution

as off 2000,1.2 billion peoples lived in the developed nations of the world and 4.9 billion peopled in the less developed countries .

3.Urban Concentration

as a country develops from primarily an agricultural to and industrial economy,large scale migration of rural residents to towns and cities and takes and place.during this process,the growth rate urban areas is typically double the pace off overall population increase.

4.Population Planning

population planning primarily aims at and optimum size of population for a country it does not necessarily mean are reduction in the rate of population increase as is generally understood and commonly true in the case UDCs.

5.Population Planning in Islam

according to the some conservation Ulema,there is no ground for population planning in Islam,they say that Muslims should not indulge in population planning which is against the law of nature.