Saudi Arabia Denies Banned in Qatar

Saudi Arabia has refused the fact that news regarding the banned of Qataris to perform Umrah in Grand Mosque situated in Makkah. The General Authority of Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque has said in the statement given to the Daily Okaz that there is no truth in the report on social media that Qataris are banned to perform the Umrah. We are here to serve everyone that wish to come to Kingdom to perform Umrah and Qataris Brothers are in our heart since they enter the Saudi Arabia the time they leave. Last week 1633 Qatari performed Umrah Packages.

In addition to this the authority also said that several online sites are attacking on Saudi Arabia to ban the Qataris to perform Umrah in accordance to the current Diplomatic crisis. One week later the Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia have end their diplomatic relation with the Qatar in order to protect their National Security and stability. The Gulf States have given the time period of 14 days to Qataris to leave the country and ban on their visit.

On June 5 Saudi Arabia made a statement that banned did not stop Qataris to perform Umrah. Egypt has also joined the league and has cut off their Diplomatic crisis with Qatar.