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2015 Latest Cars Introduction

2015 Latest Cars Introduction

                                  cars introduction  car is very important part of our life.we can don long journey easily on the this world many types of car but i like Honda model because Honda model is the best models of 2015.2015 latest cars introduction is very ...

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Top Ten Breathking Places

 Top Ten Breathking Places Our world is filled with indescribable beauty, both man-made and natural, and it’s hard to say whether a single lifetime would truly be enough to truly experience all of it. Most of us will probably never see everything that the world has to offer us, but it’s worth a shot. LI RIVER, CHINA The Li River or Lijiang is a river in Guangxi ...

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Billions Dollars Making, Apple, Has Also Taken Loan

apple company, apple-company 2015, apple

  New York: The technology company Apple is one of the world’s richest companies, but instead of having $ 178 billion capital the company is bound to take loans. What is the secret behind this choice? It’s actually very simple and it has a habit of tax evading. Last week the company announced that its latest quarterly profit was $ ...

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Rare Ferrari Sports Car Sold An Almost 62 Million Dollars

Ferrari, first ferrari, ferrari auction,

A French farmhouse has a rare rusty Ferrari sports car. This rare Ferrari have been sold for million 42 million Euro or US $ 62 million. This Ferrari was eating ruts under a palenty of old magazine and book at a farmhouse in France. Blue colored this Ferrari ‘California spider’ was hidden from the past 50 years. Only 37 Ferrari ...

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Apple Recorded A Quarterly Profit Of $ 18 Billion

Apple, apple company, apple company profit, apple iphones

  US technology company Apple says that in the last quarter they had net profit of $ 18 billion, which a record is. Earlier today, not even a single public company had that profit in a quarter is reported that this is due to record sales of Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. According to Standard & Poor earlier record ...

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6% Drop Appeared in Natural Gas Prices in United States

6% Drop in Gas rates in USA, US, York Mercantile Exchange , America, United Sates, USA business, natural Gas new rates, British thermal , warm weather forecast, Gas rate decrease in USA, Business news of USA

  New York:  The prices of natural gas dropped down 6% in United States of America, which is the result of decline in the demand for natural gas due to warm weather forecast and decrease in Crude oil prices. However, natural gas deals decline to $ 4.08 per million British thermal units from 26.7 (1 6%) in New York Mercantile ...

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Billion-Dollar Agreements Done Between China and Myanmar

China and Myanmar agreements, China and Myanmar deals, China and Myanmar billion-dollars deals, China and Myanmar billion-dollars agreements, China's growth on Southeast Asia, Myitsone Dam, China's on going projects, China's projects

  Beijing: The official media reported on Saturday, China has signed the agreement worth of $ 7.8 billion with its neighboring country Myanmar. These agreements were signed on such occasions whereas, China continuing its growing economic influence on Southeast Asia. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang was also present when these deals were done. One of those deals also includes the ...

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Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan, Likely to Create Record

Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan, cultivation and production of drugs, intense cultivation of Opium in Afghanistan, opium cultivation, opium production, Afghanistan drugs trading, Afghanistan Taliban income source, how Taliban gets income

  Kabul: the United Nation has stated in account, cultivation and production of drugs is continuously being increasing in Afghanistan, through which new record is likely to become this year for the cultivation of Opium. According to the media reports, it has been said in a report of survey which has been issued by UNODC (UN agency) for the prevention ...

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Gold Price Reduced More in World Gold Market

Gold Prices Reduced, Gold price of per ounce, World Gold market rate, World gold market, gold rates decrease, gold rate in world market, gold market of pakistan, gold, rate of gold

    In past two days and according to World gold market, significant reduction has occurred in the price of gold per ounce. Due to this reduction in price of gold, the 10 grams of gold has again leveled in national market by reduction of 40 thousand rupees to 39 thousand. On the day of Tuesday, Gold price of per ...

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Korean Air Facing Loss in Third Quarter

Korean Air Facing Loss, Korean Air’s loss statement, Korean Air Facing 361.3 million US dollars loss, Korean Air, Korean Air economy disturbed, increment in Dollar creates tension for Korean Air

  Seoul:  According to the Korean Air’s statement, the company has faced the pure loss with 361.3 million US dollars, for which the responsibility is thrown on currency devaluation. In this situation, the value of company’s loans has been increased, on which the United States’ dollar is ruling. The Korean Air said in a account, the pure profit of South ...

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Russian Completed All Promises with Ukraine

Russian Completed All Promises, Russian promises with Ukraine, Ukraine- Russia agreement, Ukraine- Russia gas agreement, Ukraine- Russia Business affairs, Russia news, Russian Energy Company Gazprom deal,russia ukraine conflict

    Moscow: the North Eurasian country Russia has fulfilled its responsibilities of which it signed an agreement to fix the low price of gas contract with an East European country Ukraine. The statement is given by a Russian Energy Company Gazprom on yesterday. The spokesman of Gazprom Sergei Kupriyanov told to Russian news agencies that Russian government has just ...

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24 European Banks Facing Bad Financial Condition

European Banks condition, European Banks faces bad condition, reports about European Banks, European Banking, 24 European Banks collapse, European business reports

  Brussels: European Banking Authority has announced that 24 banks are failed in test which was taken to ascertain its’ financial position, banks must have to better its financial position in nine months otherwise they may have to suspend their businesses. According to media reports, the banking authority states that the banks which failed in this test are, 9 Italian, ...

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Enhancement in Rate of Unemployed in France, Recorded

Unemployed in France, France recorded rate of jobless, Hollande vows to provide jobs, Holland plans to remove employment

  Paris: The Statistical Office of French Government has revealed that number of unemployed people in France has increase to 3.43 million in September. The government is providing unemployment allowance to jobless people, which is becoming constant burden on economy of country. Near about half million unemployed people have been registered in 2012 after taking over the government by President ...

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Enhancement America industrial production

America Industrial Production, Enhancement Recorded in USA Industry , USA business updates, latest report on American Business report

    New York: Central bank of America, Federal Reserve said to producer of consumer goods and energy that with the investigation of international reports, production of industrial things are increased day by day.  Total Industrial production is increased 1.0 percent on the month of September but unexpected 0.1percent drop down in the month of August. International feed industry federation ...

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