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Significance of Quran in Islam

Muslims believe that Quran is the Book of Allah Almighty given to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad that will proceed positively till the Day of Judgment. It is a source in this world to guide and direct the entire humanity, irrespective of the country, land mass, nation, era, and region. It is not only a wellspring of identification and direction for ...

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Fasting in Islam

Fasting in Islam is also known as Sawm, the Arabic words for fasting, is forbidding oneself from eating and drinking. In the terminology of Islamic law, sawm means to abstain oneself from eating and drinking during daylight hours. The practice of sawm in the holy month of Ramadan and it is referred as one of the Five Pillars of Islamic ...

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General Advice Before You Leave for Umrah

Planning a trip can be a difficult task, making sure that you have everything that you need for your journey is very important, especially when you are travelling long distances. One of such journey that you will need to think about carefully is when you are travelling to Saudi Arabia to complete the Umrah pilgrimage. However, before you go on ...

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Late Night Prayer

Being a Muslim we follow Islam with all our heart and soul, we accept the commands of Allah Almighty. In Islam praying five time a day is not only but it is highly valued. When a Muslim indulge himself on Islamic rituals and belief, then he is called as a believer, by which, he holds greater responsibility to accept the ...

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Islamic China Tour

China holds so much for the world to see it, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City, and its many other attractions bring the world to its cities. The country holds so much history which it highly important for people who love to discover. Beijing, the country’s capital, is one of the most visited cities, and it offers many ...

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Top Five 2015 Youth Problems

Top Five 2015 Youth Problems,different peopled face different problems like students who go for study in out city.and prime minister is to run the affairs off the country in a away as to promote national interest. 1. Young Man Problem the educated young man face the problem of employment most seriously.ordinally and post graduates fail to get unemployment they wish ...

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World Population Growth And Distribution

World Population Growth And Distribution,the united nation and accepted authority on population level estimates that the world population reached 6 billion in 1999 and easily increasing more then 77 million person the rate of increase 1.3% per years has fallen below the peak rate of 2% person per year attained by 1970 by the late 2040s,the united estimates, the growth ...

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Top Ten Breathking Places

 Top Ten Breathking Places Our world is filled with indescribable beauty, both man-made and natural, and it’s hard to say whether a single lifetime would truly be enough to truly experience all of it. Most of us will probably never see everything that the world has to offer us, but it’s worth a shot. LI RIVER, CHINA The Li River or Lijiang is a river in Guangxi ...

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What Is The Longest Bridge In The World

                                                what is the longest bridge in the world what is the longest bridge in the world,”what is the longest bridge in the world news“,”breaking news what is the longest bridge in the world”,”news on what is ...

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US Again Warned Russia On Ukraine Crisis

                                                              US Again Warned Russia On Ukraine Crisis UK Ukraine crisis. America accused Russia for violating the ceasefire agreement done in Minsk, however UN Security Council unanimously endorsed the ceasefire agreement. US Vice ...

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Cyber Criminals Of One Billion Dollars Revealed


                                          Cyber Criminals Of One Billion Dollars Revealed cyber criminals growth daily but many country strict policy again by cyber crime. cyber criminals is fast way to rich but they is not real way of money making. many young boys and ...

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Hollywood’s Film Fifty Shades Of Gray Is Much Better Than Novel

fifty shades of grey

                       Hollywood’s Film Fifty Shades Of Gray Is Much Better Than Novel Hollywood all movies is perfect but i think some movies is really good and my best movie is fifty shades of gray.this is really great movies they break all movies records in future. Hollywood’s new film based on the ...

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Incheon Clash Of 100 Cars Two People Dead


In Incheon, South Korean city, almost one hundred collided two people were killed and dozens were wounded in it. According to Yen Heep news agency this accident was happened near international airport on a bridge. The agency says 42 people were injured in the accident, eight of whom are in critical condition. Police said according to initial reports due to ...

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Rebels Of Ukraine Claim Of Surrounding An Important Town

ukraine rebels

Rebels Of Ukraine Claim Of Surrounding.   Russian rebels of Ukraine said that they have surrounded an important town “Debalatsawa” while Ukraine said that their forces are fighting on a road. Before this The US President Barack Obama did not deny the possibility to provide lethal defense weapon to Ukraine in case of failure in solving political crisis in eastern ...

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