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A Suspected Woman Arrested, Near Barack Obama’s Residence White House

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  Washington: the secret services have arrested a woman that was walking near US Presidential Palace White House and found a pistol from her possession. It has been said in given statement of United States Secret Service (USSS ), the arrested lady was recognized by the name “April Hart Lane” who is a resident of Michigan’s area Mount Morris. It ...

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7 People Died Cause of Severe Blizzard in New York

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  NEW YORK: North Eastern states of America are under blizzard which has been killed more than seven people in the New York states, however, temperature of fifty states had fell down to freezing point. The Buffalo city and nearest region, towns are covered with five feet snow and expected to rise further. It is stated now that people were ...

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Temperature of United States Fell Down Below Zero Nearly in 50 States

Temperature of United States, Temperature killing US people, US temperature goes Negative, US winter Killing People, 50 States of US wrapped in Snow, US city of Buffalo weather, US city of Buffalo snow, Winter killing US,Buffalo suburbs, minus 7 degrees in North Florida, Snow stopped US life activities, US, USA weather, Weather of USA, America's weather, latest weather report on USA

  Washington: the reports say, near about 50 States of America are in severe cold condition as well as, 4 people have been killed in different incidents due to snowfall. The cold has covered the whole United States of America and temperature has also fallen down below zero point. Through severe winter in United States, Life activities have been severely affected ...

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United States Department’s Computer System Hacked

United States Department, US Department System Hacked, Hackers attacked on US Department system, US Department on target, United States facing problems, US system Hacked

  Washington: The United States of America’s state department has closed his non-sensitive email system after a hacking attack by a suspected. It never happened in history as such uncharacteristic action. According to the United-States Broadcasting Corporation, the technical staff is working on restoration of potential loss. The broadcasting corporation further reported that the attack was done same time when ...

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Washington National Cathedral Church Echoed with the Sound of Adhan, God Bless all Religious

Washington National Cathedral Church, Adhan heard by Washington National Cathedral Church, Muslim paid prayer in Cathedral Church, Cathedral Church opens door for muslims, Cathedral Church calls muslims, unity in christianity and muslims, washington church

  Washington: Historical significance and best counted in Christianity denominations “Cathedral Church” echoed with the sound of Adhan. A large number of Washington’s Muslims was gathered in the church for prayer. The Cathedral Church’s religious services department director Gina Campbell welcomed all Muslims who came for the sake of prayer at historic occasion, said that the national Cathedral Church of ...

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Emergency imposed in Missouri, United States

Emergency imposed in Missouri, Missouri, State's’ Governor Jay Nixon, 18-year-old Michael Brown, Michael Brown, declaration of Michael Brown case, United states' report about Michael Brown case, reports on Michael Brown case, Michael Brown killed, Jay Nixon reported

  In the Missouri, United States, a young black boy who killed by a police official few days ago, emergency has been imposed before announcing the result of this case. States’ Governor Jay Nixon’s office issued a statement, according the court verdict, has been alerted to states’ police as well national guards for expected violence in the result of this ...

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United States Reported, Extremists Organizations, Threat not only for Pakistan, US as well Entire Territory

United States Report about extremist,United States Reported, Extremists Organizations, Tehreek e Taliban of Pakistan (TTP), Haqqani Network , United States alerts pakistan, US support with Pakistan against terrorism, American spokesman Jeff Rathke, Jeff Rathke said, General Raheel Sharif visit to US, General Raheel Sharif called in USA

  Washington: United States has replied of Pakistani Prime Minister’s Foreign Minister Advisor, Sartaj Aziz, Tehreek e Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) and Haqqani Network including all radical groups are dangerous not only for America though Pakistan and the entire enclaves. The United States of American state Department spokesman Jeff Rathke told in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation that ...

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Carson Dog Made World Record, Balanced Tower of Biscuits on His Face

Carson Dog Made World Record, Tower of Biscuits record, Pet dog Carson's new record, 50 biscuits record, Carson's past 36 biscuits record, records of Carson's, Carson the hero, Carson made record, Carson's achievements, Carson, American dog Carson

  Pet dog Carson, who belongs to Texas, America, has balanced 50 biscuits on his nose and created his name on the world’s book of records. Humans were making many records in the world through different skills but now animals are not left behind than them and trying to create themselves with impressive talent. The 6-year-old Carson American dog from ...

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United States Feels no Fear from Islamic States, John Kerry

John Kerry statement about ISIL, ISIS, US war against IS, Islamic States clash with ISIS, ISIS beheaded US Peter Kassig, IS killing Syrian, US actions against ISIS, ISIS, United States offensives in Iraq, John Kerry stated at death of Peter Kassig, John Kerry's comments against IS

  Washington: US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Americans are not afraid of Islamic-state militant organization despite its brutal moves. According to the foreign media reports, John Kerry said while addressing in the annual meeting function of Policy Forum’s, negotiations related to atomic energy with Iran are going to enter in the extremely important period. He said that ...

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Islamic States Beheaded another American including Several Syrian Soldiers

Peter Kassig, Peter Kassig accepted Islam, Islamic States Beheaded another American, American civilian, ISIS beheaded more people, 12 officers of Syrian air force, IS beheaded 12 officers of Syrian air force, Iraq war ISIS, Syria conflict with Islamic States

  Damascus: the militant organization’s fighting against the government in Iraq and Syria has beheaded an additional American civilian and many Syrian military members. According to the foreign news agency, a video has been released on internet by Iraq-Syria militant group in which several Syrian militants as well as American resident Peter Kassig has been shown. It has been stated ...

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