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Peter Will Not Rest Until The Release Of Their Colleagues

peter greste

The family of Egypt’s prison Australian journalist Peter grysta, who got freedom, says they will continue to seek the release of their two colleagues. Al Jazeera channel belonging Peter Grysta kept in Egypt jail for 400 days on Sunday after freedom from prison was deported. After his release from Cairo he arrived in Cyprus by plane and now they have ...

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Two Rare Statues Of Michal Angela Have Been Identified

micheal angelo, statues, news

According to Expert Artist in Britain, he has been possibly succeeded in identifying two bronze statues made by famous Italian sculptor Michelangelo made making. These are lat two bronze statues made by the hands of expert sculptor that exit today. Italian sculptors of the Renaissance era has shown in the two one-meter high statues of naked men ride the tiger ...

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Dubai International Airport Is Declared The World’s Busiest Airport.Dubai airport

Dubai airport, Dubai airport 2015, Dubai, Dubai international airport , Dubai international airport2015, busiest Airport, busiest Airport 2015, busiest Airport in the world

Dubai airport.       Dubai: Dubai International Airport has broken the record of London Heath row Airport, and is declared busiest airport in the world According to foreign news agency Dubai International Airport last year to 74.7 million passengers traveled through Dubai International Airport, after which it is declared world’s busiest airport. Last year London He thew Airport was on top from ...

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The British Minister’s Apologies for Gift of Watch

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The British Minister’s Apologies for Gift of Watch.   British Transport Minister Taiwan’s capital Taipei mayor has apologized for giving gift of watch. She said that while presenting watch as a gift she ignored that fact in Chinese culture it is not considered good to gift someone a watch. British Minister Susan Kramer said she was ignored the fact that ...

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Cartoonist and inventor of ‘Common Man, character, RK Laxman passed away

rk lakshman, cartoon, cartoonist, funny cartoonist, political cartoonist, cartoonist death, cartoonist inventor, indian cartoonist, famous cartoonist

Cartoonist and inventor of ‘Common Man, character, RK Laxman passed away   India’s renowned cartoonist RK Laxman’s passed away at the age of 94-year in Pune. Last week he was being treated in hospital in Pune. RK Laxman was admitted in ICU after infection. Many organs of heart patient Laxman had stopped working. Laxman was famous of his cartoon character ...

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President of the Indian Republic Day Ceremony

Narinder modi, modi, indian president, USA president, obama in india, india obama, USA president in india, OBAMA visit of india, indian prsident,

President Barack Obama, the first US president who is attending the Republic Day of India He in on three-day visit to India these days, which is perceived as sign of warming ties between the two countries. On Sunday, both countries discussed about progress of the civil nuclear agreement, under which US companies will be able to render civilian nuclear technology ...

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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, died after illness

saudi king, shah Abdullah, shah abdullah death, saudi king, saudi king 2015, death of shah abdullah, saudi arabia, saudi arabia king, king's death

Saudi officials say that country’s King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has died at the age of 91 King Abdullah was ill for many weeks and due to lung infection the artificial breathing was given to him through tube since many days. Saudi state television broadcast the news that King Abdullah died in night between Thursday and Friday, at 1am. “A ...

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Supreme Court America summoned Johan Kerry on the application of Sikhs, against him.

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Washington: Sikh Community filed a case in Supreme Court against Army Wing RSS of the ruling party of India, Bharatiya Janata that they are a terrorist organization. While supreme Court summoned foreign minister of America. According to foreign news agency US resident Sikh Organization “Sikhs for Justice” filed a case in Supreme Court America regarding declaring RSS a terrorist organization. ...

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Snow storm in the United Arab Emirates. killed 3 people

snow fall, hailing, rain, UAE, United Arab Emirates, heavy rain, UAE 2015

Snow storm in the United Arab Emirates. killed 3 people. United Arab Emirates. killed 3 people. Dubai: United Arab Emirates Ras Al Khaimah in the hail storm killed 3 people. According to Arab media in different states of the United Arab Emirate unexpected rain and hail have affected the normal life. According to Arab media, in different states of the ...

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World economic growth will be determined America not China, Barack Obama

Obama, Barak Obama, Obama 2015, united States, china, USA news, usa china, obama said, economic, world economy

World economic growth will be determined America not China, Barack Obama Washington DC: US President Barack Obama says that China is trying to establish its trade regulation to rule the world but I want to inform that we will direct the progress of the world not China. During addressing annual conference of state of unions Barack Obama said that, China ...

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Inter-Oceanic Canal’s construction Begins with Help of China in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s grand canal, Chinese constructors, Omar Halleslevens, Omar, Halleslevens, Vice-President of Nicaragua, cost of Panama Canal, launching date of Panama Canal project, Latin America, HKND, Chief Executive Officer of HKND, Chairman of HKND, president of HKND, USA,

  Nicaragua: The construction of Central American country Nicaragua’s grand canal named ‘Panama Canal’ has been started with the help of Chinese constructors who vowed to build this project, it connecting Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. According to US media reports, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chinese Construction Company HKND, Mr. Wang Jing attended the opening ceremony of this ...

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Obama Condemns Deaths of Two Police Officers, New York

Obama Condemns Deaths of Two Police Officers, New York

Obama Condemns Deaths of Two Police Officers, New York Two Police Officers, New York. Washington: United States President Barrack Obama unconditionally condemned the killing of two New York police officers on Sunday. The policemen Liu, Ramos who were targeted, founded in his car during a patrol in the Brooklyn. Obama said in a statement, I condemned today the killing of ...

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United States Urges to China to investigate for North Korean Cyber Attacks

United States, USA, Sony Pictures Entertainment, North Korea’s cyber attacks, USA requested to help from china, Beijing, North Korean cyber attacks on US, Washington was blamed to Beijing government, Washington, US urges to china to help halting cyber attacks, North Korean spokesman offer

  Washington: United States requested to China to help to investigate the cyber attacks which done by North Korea on Sony Pictures Entertainment and refused the jointly investigation. According to American media report, an American official had told to media on condition of anonymity, during the discussion which happened recently between China and US, America requested China to help investigate ...

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