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Ukrainian President Requests to IMF to Increase Financial Support

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Nikolay Gueorguiev, Mission Chief of Ukraine, Christine Lagarde, International Monetary fund, Ukraine at risk of bankruptcy, IMF, Ukrainian President, Ukraine, Kiev

  Kiev: Ukraine urged to International Monetary fund (IMF) to increase financial aid. According to foreign news agency Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko requested, his country is ready to pay all responsibilities to achieve aid from the IMF Monetary Fund. The president of Ukraine said if additional aid will not give to his country than Ukraine has the risk of bankruptcy. ...

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Death Penalty Suspension Removed after Eight – Year in Jordan – 11 People Executed

Jordan removed death penalty Suspension, death penalty moratorium, Jordan, Amman, Interior Minister Hussein Majali, Jordon court, eleven criminals hanged in Jordan

  Amman: The law of death penalty has been re-approved after eight-year suspension in Jordon, 11 people who found guilty for murder hanged on Sunday, interior ministry reported to media. The Ministry Spokesman stated, “Eleven criminals convicted in different cases of murder were executed at dawn.” The Jordon authorities had confirmed as saying that those who hanged all were Jordanians, ...

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More Efforts Needed to Remove Racial Prejudice – Obama

racial prejudice, Obama’s struggles for racism issue, Barack Obama, Barack, Obama, Obama’s statement on racism issue , Washington, United-States President, United-States, President, USA, America

    Obama.   Washington: The United-States President Barack Obama revealed in interview, has started a new discussion regarding racism on the issue in the environment of white policemen with black protest behavior on several places in the country. The president Barack Obama had said on passages appeared from the interview, without racial prejudice, the improvement has been seen relations. But ...

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Ban Ki-Moon Arrived Liberia, Will Visit All Ebola Affected Countries

Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki-Moon West Africa’s tour, deadly virus, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, West African Ebola Affected countries names, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ban Ki-Moon assess Ebola activities in West Africa, UN, United Nation, United Nation Chief Ban,

  United Nation Chief Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Liberia and will visit all Ebola affected countries in West Africa. The UN Chief will assess of global attempts those are happening to fight against this deadly ailment. The Secretary General of UN, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon had arrived in West African country Liberia on Friday after this he will visit all ...

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United States will Fight with ISIS Till End, Barack Obama

Barack Obama, ISIS, Washington, United States, Iraq and Syria Militant Group, ISIS, IS, ISIL, New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie, President Obama, Jersey, Chris, Christie , Iraq-Syria militant organization,

  Washington: According to the foreign media reports, the United States of American President Barack Obama has told, American soldiers will keep on fighting until the complete removal of Iraq-Syria militant organization. Obama expressed these views in the state of New Jersey when he was addressing during visit to troops at a military base. He has said, The United States of ...

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United States Expressed Concern on Turkish Journalists’ Arrests

Jen Psaki, Jen, Psaki, US States Department spokeswoman, Washington, US express concern over Turkish arrests, Turkey, democratic foundations, Turkish law enforcement agencies, US, United States,

  Washington: According to international media reports, the US States Department has expressed concern over such reports, received from Turkey, in which, it has been told that police had raids at various places across the country during which several journalists were arrested. The United States Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement, descriptions of that issue have is being ...

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US Drone Attack in Afghanistan, 11 Taliban Killed

US Drone Attack in Afghanistan, US Drone Attack, Afghanistan, US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Nangarhar, Shirzad district, United-State, Kabul, Pakistan border, barack obama, barrack, obama, Taliban, America aircrafts, Pakistani Taliban

    Kabul: The United States drones had attacked in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in which, 11 militants including 5 Pakistani Taliban has been killed. According to the foreign news agency reported, the United-State of American drone had targeted a vehicle in Sherzad district, Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan. The reports say that 11 extremists have been killed in that ...

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Nigerian Soldier’s Court-Martial, 54 Sentenced Death Penalty

Lagos, Nigerian Soldier’s Court-Martial, sentenced death penalty 54 Nigerian soldiers, Boko Haram, Femi Falana, Femi, Falana, Boko, Haram, Bo, extremist organization in Nigeria, Nigeria, defense lawyer, Femi, Boko Haram actions in Nigeria

  Lagos: African country Nigeria’s 54 soldiers have been charged with the death penalty by its Military Court after their court martial, because they were not prepared to fight against Boko Haram. The soldiers, who had sentenced to the death after their court-martial by military court, they were accused of, showed cowardice during their job work, in addition to the ...

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150 Women Beheaded by ISIS, Denied for Jihad as well Marriages

150 Women Beheaded by ISIS, Ministry of Human Rights in Iraq, Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL, ISIL beheaded 150 women, Al-Libi Abuans, Alzgaryd Golan, IS killed women denied for jihad for marriage, Iraq and Syria militant group, Alsqlauyh, Irqa, Syria, Iraq-syria militant organization

  Baghdad: The Ministry of Human Rights in Iraq revealed that Islamic State’s local commander Al-Libi Abuans has beheaded 150 women in Fallujah, for they denied for jihad for marriage. According to an Arab TV, The Ministry of Human Rights issued a statement in which it had been told that an Islamic State (Iraq and Syria militant group) commander together ...

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Bomb Threats Delays at Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich police, Zurich, Carmen Surber, Zurich police spokeswoman, bomb threat at Zurich airport, Zurich Airport, Switzerland, Zu, Bomb Threats Delays at zurich

  Zurich: According to an international media reports, many flights have been delayed on the Zurich Airport because of rumors came of bomb threat previous day. The French news agency has reported according to the local police, after the bomb threat, some portion of the Zurich Airport was closed. Moreover, the process of flights was again started after thorough checking ...

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