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European Initiatives Risk For Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu Criticized

Benjamin Netanyahu Criticized EU Initiatives, Rome, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Benjamin, Netanyahu criticized, US Secretary of State John Kerry, Netanyahu met with Kerry in Rome, John, Kerry, John Kerry, US Secretary met with Netanyahu

  Rome: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused on European states that they are supported fresh efforts of Palestinian leadership in the case to recognize United Nations as the state and that such measures are risk for Israel. The Netanyahu had told that thing in an issued statement in Italian capital Rome, after meeting with US Secretary of State ...

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan Rejects European Union Criticism

Turkish President, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Recep, Tayyip, Erdogan, EU, European Union criticism, Erdogan rejected EU criticism, EU leaders, European Union condemned arrests

  Istanbul: According to the international media reported, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected the criticism of European Union regarding raids and arrests on his anti-media. The foreign media reported, the Tayyip Erdogan had reacted strongly worded saying that the European Union has its own business. Tayyip Erdogan described, rejecting, raids had violated press freedom, “The EU should mind ...

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Gunman Opened Fires in the US State Pennsylvania, 5 People killed

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Montgomery, Montgomery County, armed person shot fires on ex-wife in USA, US

  Philadelphia: the 5 persons have been killed in the US state Pennsylvania cause of a gunman opened the fires, after this, he went away in region, US police search operation started. According to the international media reports, the security officials have stated regarding this incident that incident, the fire incidents were happened in three different places in Philadelphia Montgomery ...

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Central Intelligence Agency Officials Don’t Like Violence, Dick Cheney Said

Washington, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, former American Vice President, Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney statement on CIA efficiency , Osama bin Laden, USA, United States, US, CIA’s members’ violence, Dick, Cheney, Dick Cheney calls CIA officials heroes, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, IS, CIA actions against terrorists groups,

  Washington: The former American Vice President Dick Cheney has told while defending CIA’s torture interrogations procedures, they will do so again if given the chance, CIA officials are heroes but not violent. According to the foreign media reports, it has been stated by the united states of American former president Dick Cheney while defending the CIA. We had not ...

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Explosive Blew up in Afghanistan, 41 Taliban Killed

Extremist organization Islamic State, ISIS, Kantar of Afghanistan, Ghazni Province, Khost, Pul, Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Faryab, explosion killed 41 in Afghanistan, interior minister of Afghanistan, security forces operation in Afghanistan, IS commander arrested in Afghnistan, Kabul,

  Kabul: The Afghan National Security Forces’ operation, clashes and explosion incident killed 41 Taliban fighters including 5 suicide attackers and, nearly 50 wounded while, 6 policemen were also injured in Taliban attacks, on the other side, Afghan intelligence have arrested a commander of extremist organization Islamic State (ISIS). According to the afghan media reports on Monday, it had been ...

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Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Named Miss World 2014 Title

Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss named Miss World 2014 title, Rolene Strauss, Rolene, Strauss, Miss World organization, South African Rolene, name of 2014 miss world, Miss Philippines, Rolene’s beautiful line after win, age of Rolene Strauss,

    According to the latest international media reports, the South African Miss ‘Rolene Strauss’ had declared for the Miss world on Sunday in London while, Miss Hungary and the United States won the second and third positions respectively. Miss world had said naming her success to her homeland that her winning is really a big responsibility for her. The ...

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Re-Elected in Election 2014

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Abe's Liberal Democratic Party , Liberal Democratic Party, LPD, Komeito Party, Japan's public broadcaster NHK, Democratic Party of Japan, Shinzo Abe, Buddhist Supporters Komeito Party, Komeito, Tokyo, Japan Election 2014, Japan election

  Tokyo: Japan’s ruling coalition won in parliamentary elections with two-thirds majority which has been seen as mandate for the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies. Japanese media reported, Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LPD) has been successful to maintain its majority in lower chamber House of Representative. LPD achieved success in 325 seats out of 475 together with Buddhist ...

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129 People Drowned in a Boat Incident in Congo Lake

Lubumbashi, Boat drowned in Tanganyika Lake, Tanganyika, Lake, Tanganyika Lake, Laurent Kahozi Sumba, Kahozi Sumba, Katanga, Transport Minister of Katanga, South East of Democratic Republic of the Congo, 129 People Drowned in congo, kalamay, DRC's river,

  Lubumbashi: According to the international media reports, At least more than 129 people have drowned in Tanganyika Lake. The incident was happened in the South East of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lubumbashi. The reports of such incident were given by officials on Wednesday. The Transport Minister of Katanga, Laurent Kahozi Sumba told to reporters, excessive weight carried by ...

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Russia Criticized On United States Aid For Ukraine

Russia Criticized US Aid for Ukraine, Moscow, Russia's Foreign Ministry, $35 million for Ukraine, Republication Senator Bob Corker, Republication Senator , Bob, Corker, Vladimir Putin, Vladimir, Putin, Russian President ,Crimea, Russia crisis, Russia- Ukraine crisis

 Russia Protests US Aid for Ukraine Military   Aid For Ukraine.   Moscow:  The Russian federation has criticized on the bill of American Congress, for military aid of $35 million for Ukraine and to approve new sanctions on Russian government’s companies. According to US broadcaster, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Passage of this bill is ‘very sorry’ because ...

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Thousands Demonstration Against United States Police Violence

Demonstration against US police, demonstration in USA, New York, Boston, Washington, Black people’s demonstrations, Michael Brown, Michael, Brown, Darren Wilson, Darren, Wilson, protests in Ferguson, Ferguson, Missouri, USA, US ,

  New York / Boston: According to the foreign media reports, many protests had done in Washington, DC including several cities, against the recent events killing of police violence that killed black people in different area’s incidents in United States of America. The critical condition appeared after the Grand Jury’s decision as Jury didn’t sentenced death penalty to Darren Wilson ...

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Severe Storm Wraps Southern California

Severe Storm, California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest California, storm in Los Angeles, Dangerous hurricane, dangerous, hurricane, heavy storm in USA, heavy storm in California, Los Angles facing heavy storm

  California: According to the international media reports, the rapid storm thunderstorm has badly confounded the system of life in nearest areas of Pacific Northwest. Moreover, some small tornadoes were also seen in several places in the ongoing stormy situation. The media reports also mentioned that a person has been confirmed dead in Los Angeles, Orange County. Similarly there are ...

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Angela Merkel’s Coalition Partners Demands Strong Immigration

Angela Merkel, Angela Merkel's coalitions, Berlin, German population, Dresden, Angela, Merkel, TNS survey German magazine Spiegel, TNS, survey, German magazine Spiegel, German magazine, Spiegel, German demands strong immigration

  Berlin:  According to an international media reports, a majority of the German population considers that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is not giving importance on the issue of seekers of political shelter and immigration. In this context, the protest marchesbeing seenin every week, in eastern German city of Dresden. The party described, “People who want to remain here on a ...

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OMG: Afghan Boy Abbas Alizada Look Like Bruce, Rocked on Internet

Afghan Boy Abbas Alizada as bruce lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce, Lee, Abbas, Alizada, Abbas Alizada looks as Bruce Lee, Hollywood star Bruce lee, Kabul, Abbas Alizada images, Abbas Alizada video, new Bruce lee comes from Afghanistan

  Kabul: Nobody can be unaware of the well-known and best Martial Arts, Kung Fu champion Bruce Lee but some pictures and videos uploaded on internet of a young afghan boy, who looks like as same Bruce Lee, rocked on internet. Afghanistan’s Hazara tribe belonging 20-year-old Abbas Alizada had uploaded photos and videos these shows like imitation of Kung Fu ...

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ISIL Issued a Booklet Full of Embarrassing Instructions

ISIL Issued a Booklet about yazdi, British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SOHR, Raqqa ,Hassakeh, Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Iraq-Syria militant group, Damascus, Bagdhad, Iraq, Syria, IS actions, ISIS kidnapped Yazdi girls,

  Damascus: The whole world is criticizing on Iraq-Syria militant group as they had kidnapped thousands of women of Yazidi religion but now, the situation has become even more shocking because Islamic State (IS)has declared those women their own  property. The foreign media has reported, the militant organization (ISIS) had even justified legal the sex with them, to torture them ...

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