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Firing and Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan, 19 Killed Including 6 Soldiers

Firing and Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan, President Ghani, Ashraf Ghani, Ashraf, Ghani, 19 Killed Including 6 Soldiers in Aghanistan, Kabul, Afghan Supreme Court, Taliban, Afghan securities, Afghan military, Taliban actions in Afghanistan

  Kabul:  12 people have been killed in Afghanistan which includes 6 army members from country as well as from outside the country whereas, several were injured in result of firing incidents and suicide attack. The afghan media corporation reported, a suicide attacker targeted the bus carrying soldiers and blew the bus with explosion, in which, 6 domestic and foreign ...

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More Than 4,000 People Killed in Ukraine’s Ongoing Dispute, United Nation Report

4,000 People Killed in Ukraine, United Nation Report on Ukraine clashes, UN estimation about fatalities in Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists, clashes in Ukraine, Ukraine, Russia, Geneva, Ukraine Russia conflict

  Geneva: The United Nations had described in their recent report, so far 4 thousand 600 people have been killed in clashes between the army and the separatists from April till now. According to the foreign media, the UN issued a report after their research, on continued Ukraine conflict, which shows, the conflicts between Ukraine’s military and pro-Russian separatists which ...

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US Senate Approved 560 Million Dollars Defense Budget

House Approved $560 Million Defense Budget, US Senate, US House, US Senate Approved $560, Defense Budget, House $560 Million Defense Budget, US Defense Budget, US general Bills of $469 billion, Sen. Ted Cruz, Cruz said, Sen. Ted Cruz statement

  Washington, DC: The United States Senate has approved the country’s defense budget of 560 Billion dollars, according to which, operations will be enhanced against Islamic State (Iraq-Syria militant group). According to the report of foreign news agency, the general Bills of $469 billion for the next fiscal year while, $ 64 billion budget separate additional bills were presented in ...

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Apple’s First Computer Sold at Lower Prices Than Estimations

Apple's first computer sold, New York, Apple 1 computer sells for record US$905,000, Apple Inc., name of Apple’s first computer, price of Apple’s first machine, price of Apple’s first device, price of Apple’s first computer, Steve Jobs, California, Steve Wozniak, Steve, Wozniak, Steve, Jobs

    New York: The world’s biggest consumer electronics company Apple, had made a computer which first one of them models in usable condition has been auctioned for US$905,000. According to foreign news agency it has been informed, Apple Company’s co- founder Steve Jobs had sold this machine in California’s garage in 1976. According to an estimate, about 50 Apples ...

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Heavy Rains, Landslides Killed 8 People Killed in Indonesia, So Many Missing

Heavy Rains in Indonesia, Indonesia, heavy, rains, Landslides in Indonesia, Jakarta, 8 People Killed in Indonesia, landslide wrapped Jemblung, Jemblung, Banjarnegara, heavy rains in indonesia

  Jakarta: The heavy land sliding as well rains have killed 8 people in Indonesia and more than a hundred people were missing, expecting more causality. According to the reports of foreign media agency, 8 people have been killed and more than a hundred have been injured in result of heavy rains as well landslides that have fallen in Indonesia’s ...

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Angela Merkel consecutively Elected Party Leader for Eighth-Time

Angela Merkel eighth victory, Berlin, Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union party, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Eighth-Time selection, Angela Merkel won eight election, election career report of Angela Merkel, Angela, Merkel , voting Party conference, Merkel reelected, Merkel became eight time party leader

      Berlin:  Germany’s conservative Christian Democratic Union party has reelected once again Angela Merkel party as Chancellor successive eight-time. According to the foreign news agency, polling in party conference was held yesterday, in which only 30 of 919 members voted against Merkel. Merkel elected with outstanding vote ratio as 97.7 percent as well doesn’t hit her record of ...

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7 People Killed in Suicide Attack outside the Military Headquarters in Yemen

7 People Killed in Suicide Attack, Military Headquarters in Yemen, Al-Qaeda, Southern province Hadhramaut, suicide bombers hit 2 cars, 2 al-Qaeda’s leader, Sharia, Yemen, terrorism in Yemen, Al-Qaeda attacks, Qaeda’s leader, Yemen military headquarter attack

  Sana’a: The 2 Successive suicide car bomb attacked in front of military headquarters in Yemen, in the result, 7 people have been killed and many injured while, Al-Qaeda had claimed responsibility for the attack. The foreign media agencies reported, the suicide bombers hit 2 cars consecutively, packed with explosives to the military headquarters in Southern province Hadhramaut. These deadly ...

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Bomb Blast in Bus Kills 9 People in Philippine, 17 Injured

Bus Bombing, Manila, Philippine, government authorities of Philippine, Maramag, Mindanao, rescue institutions, extremist group active in the southern Philippines, Bomb blast kills 9 in Philippine, Philippine

  Manila: Near about 9 people have been killed and more than 17 wounded in an attack which done in a bus in Philippine. According to the foreign media reports, an attack took place on a bus in Philippine cause of which, near about 9 innocent people have been killed and more that 17 are injured. The accounts by government ...

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CIA Interrogation Method Was Very Cruel on Arrested People Who Accused with Terrorism Charges, US Report

CIA Interrogation Method, Al Qaeda, US embassies, Dianne Feinstein, CIA cruel punishments against Al Qaeda, Senate panel Intelligence Committee, Dianne, Feinstein, CIA inhuman investigation, Washington DC, USA, US, United States, America, US news, US report on brutal method of CIA,

    Washington: A detailed report has been submitted to the senate about the notorious American Central Intelligence Agency’s inhuman behavior and cruel punishments with those who belongs with Muslim militant group Al Qaeda and other suspected. The report showed, CIA had exceeded legal limits on the suspected and arrested people who were taken into their custody in charges of ...

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Amnesty International declared Israel Attacks War Crime in Gaza Strip, Reports

London, Al-Basha tower, Gaza city, Gaza strip, Philip Luther, Philip, Luther, Amnesty International director, Middle East, Israel Attacks, Human rights organization Amnesty International, Amnesty International, Amnesty, International, Amnesty International latest report on Gaza attacks, Israeli military, Palestine, Israel, Israel -Gaza war, Palestine death report

  London: Human rights organization Amnesty International has declared, Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip at the end of the year, 4 airstrike being done on high buildings those come in war crimes category. It has been stated in Amnesty International’s report, evidences shows that it was the intent destruction and even there was no special reason for those 4 attacks. ...

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Small Plane Crashed, Killed 6 People in Gaithersburg, Montgomery County

6 People Killed, Plane Crashed, Washington, United States, crash incident, Washington’s suburban area, Gareth Berg, Federal Aviation, Montgomery Regional Airport, Montgomery , Airport, aircraft, Aviation authorities, Pete Piringer, spokesman for Montgomery fire, Montgomery, Montgomery fire

  Washington: According to the United States of America’s news corporation, a small plane has crashed in the United States and fell down into a residential area Gaithersburg that is situated in Montgomery county. Unfortunately, 6 people have been killed in crash incident. The media has reported that a small plane has crashed on a house in Washington’s suburban area ...

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