Only 2 Times Meal a Day Keeps a Man Smart and Fit, Research

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  Washington: The Medical experts say, if human being takes up the habit of having meal only two times a day, then he can surely be successful in losing his weight. According to medical experts, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, a man should eat the food 2 times in one day, because, he can surely be successful to lose ...

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Access of Tea Use Becomes the Cause of Acidity, Constipation

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  British research: Beware! Over use of tea becomes cause of acidity and constipation in stomach and a person can be suffered by Stomach Ulcers. If pregnant women uses over tea, they must know that it also affects the newborn baby. According to the latest research, the tea with more than 70 C temperate can be a reason to the ...

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Blue Light Can be Enemy of Your Sleep, Latest Researches Showed

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  Geneva:  According to the latest research, blue light of mobile and tablet can be an enemy of our sleep as it has harm affects.  Any person, who uses smart phone, tablet or the laptop in evening, will not be able to sleep deeply. The basic reason for this thing is, the blue light emanating from these devices affects our ...

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Researches, Talkative Women Remain Healthier

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  France: It is always said that women talk more than anybody, they even mind on this but according to research, talkative women live a healthy life. One of the health organizations from France have detected about many useful habits of human life while collecting investigations from different countries of the world. A list of such tasks is presented by ...

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Energy Drinks Are Harmful For Health, Researches

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      Washington: According to new research, the use of energy drinks in daily life, becoming a trend in children and teenagers in Europe which is emerging as a major threat. In US broadcaster the experts said that addition of caffeine level in the energy drinks has increased which is harmful for the health. Experts say that usually energy ...

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Japan Made Chair to Remove Loneliness

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  Tokyo: A man invents many ways to facilitate himself. Some men don’t have the time but some hasn’t any source to pass the time. Relationships were counted importantly some Decades ago, relationships have the so much importance and every child love to sit in his grandmother lap as well as hear the story by her, was felt pleasant because ...

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Scientists Created Composition to Overcome Diabetes

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Washington: American experts have prepared a composition for extremely dangerous patients of sugar disease which will balance the sugar level in blood within specified limit. According to Experts related with Harvard University of America, there are two levels of Diabetes, first level of this disease comes out when the defense system in our body begin to destroy the “Beta cells”, now ...

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Sense of Smell, Explains Life Span

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London: The doctors can estimate the future five years age of old men/women with experiment of their smelling power. In a big Survey of Public Library Of Science (PLOS) 3000 adults were participated, 39% people of them was died within last five years due to less power of  smelling but 10 percent are lived  who could smell accurately. According to ...

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Changes in Whether Become Cause of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

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The number of throat disease Patients increasing in these days because whether has changed, days are warm and nights according to nature. According to observations, experts of medical stated, infection of nose, ears, and throat are increasing day by day as dry weather creates throat and Nasal allergy in the citizen. In this case if you suffer cold, cough, fever ...

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Exercise, Walk Is Good For Heart

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Institute of Cardiology, Rawalpindi Medical Superintendent Dr kish Mahmud said exercise and walk are good for cardiovascular fitness. Recently he said on the Service News that we should take balance diet as well as avoid smoking because it keeps your heart healthy and necessary for human body. Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology, Dr. Kish stated, he has done more than 1,000 ...

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Fruits, Vegetables From Many Frustration

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London: Now the medical expert has found the cure of frustration in vegetables and fruits because it makes better your metabolism and other system into your body. According to researches, those people who use fruits and vegetable in their daily diets they remains away from heart diseases and frustration as these have lots of vitamins as well other minerals, nutrition. ...

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Majority Women’s Wish to Go for Shopping Alone

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Berlin: A large number of women in this world prefer to go for shopping alone but 37% ladies, like to shopping with friends and husbands. According to German news reports, one big survey was conducted recently, in which 16 thousand men and women participated to know, where we spend our important and leisure time, which is helps to observe that ...

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How Much Useful Coconut Water for our Health?

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The researches has proved that the use of coconut water in our daily diet, make us healthy and keep away from harmful diseases and also keep us energetic fresh and strong. People using coconut water regularly not only improves blood circulation but their blood pressure also remains normal, recent researches has revealed. The coconut water enhanced your beauty as it ...

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