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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Re-Elected in Election 2014

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Abe's Liberal Democratic Party , Liberal Democratic Party, LPD, Komeito Party, Japan's public broadcaster NHK, Democratic Party of Japan, Shinzo Abe, Buddhist Supporters Komeito Party, Komeito, Tokyo, Japan Election 2014, Japan election

  Tokyo: Japan’s ruling coalition won in parliamentary elections with two-thirds majority which has been seen as mandate for the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies. Japanese media reported, Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LPD) has been successful to maintain its majority in lower chamber House of Representative. LPD achieved success in 325 seats out of 475 together with Buddhist ...

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Top 10 Best Holiday Drinks to Help You Deal with Family This Christmas

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  Here comes Holidays in December, bring so many happiness and families are planning to spend these great event (Christmas) with full of fun as some of them will travel, some of them will be gathered to make lot of fun with their beloved relations. The every feast of this event is incomplete without alcohol or any good drink as ...

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Germany Defeated Pakistan Hockey Champions Trophy’s Final

Champions Trophy 2014 final match, Moritz Furste, German captain Moritz Furste, Moritz, Furste, Germany Defeated Pakistan, Germany beat Pakistan, Pakistan hockey, German’s victory, German, Germany vs Pakistan, Pak vs Ger,

  Bhubaneswar:  The German hockey team defeated Pakistan with the score of 2-0 in hockey champion’s trophy 2014 final match and took the gold medal. Hockey team of Germany has named that title for 10th time. According to the reports, the excellent player of Germany team ‘Wesley’ did the first goal in the first quarter of match played in India ...

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129 People Drowned in a Boat Incident in Congo Lake

Lubumbashi, Boat drowned in Tanganyika Lake, Tanganyika, Lake, Tanganyika Lake, Laurent Kahozi Sumba, Kahozi Sumba, Katanga, Transport Minister of Katanga, South East of Democratic Republic of the Congo, 129 People Drowned in congo, kalamay, DRC's river,

  Lubumbashi: According to the international media reports, At least more than 129 people have drowned in Tanganyika Lake. The incident was happened in the South East of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lubumbashi. The reports of such incident were given by officials on Wednesday. The Transport Minister of Katanga, Laurent Kahozi Sumba told to reporters, excessive weight carried by ...

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Russia Criticized On United States Aid For Ukraine

Russia Criticized US Aid for Ukraine, Moscow, Russia's Foreign Ministry, $35 million for Ukraine, Republication Senator Bob Corker, Republication Senator , Bob, Corker, Vladimir Putin, Vladimir, Putin, Russian President ,Crimea, Russia crisis, Russia- Ukraine crisis

 Russia Protests US Aid for Ukraine Military   Aid For Ukraine.   Moscow:  The Russian federation has criticized on the bill of American Congress, for military aid of $35 million for Ukraine and to approve new sanctions on Russian government’s companies. According to US broadcaster, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Passage of this bill is ‘very sorry’ because ...

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Thousands Demonstration Against United States Police Violence

Demonstration against US police, demonstration in USA, New York, Boston, Washington, Black people’s demonstrations, Michael Brown, Michael, Brown, Darren Wilson, Darren, Wilson, protests in Ferguson, Ferguson, Missouri, USA, US ,

  New York / Boston: According to the foreign media reports, many protests had done in Washington, DC including several cities, against the recent events killing of police violence that killed black people in different area’s incidents in United States of America. The critical condition appeared after the Grand Jury’s decision as Jury didn’t sentenced death penalty to Darren Wilson ...

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Severe Storm Wraps Southern California

Severe Storm, California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest California, storm in Los Angeles, Dangerous hurricane, dangerous, hurricane, heavy storm in USA, heavy storm in California, Los Angles facing heavy storm

  California: According to the international media reports, the rapid storm thunderstorm has badly confounded the system of life in nearest areas of Pacific Northwest. Moreover, some small tornadoes were also seen in several places in the ongoing stormy situation. The media reports also mentioned that a person has been confirmed dead in Los Angeles, Orange County. Similarly there are ...

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Angela Merkel’s Coalition Partners Demands Strong Immigration

Angela Merkel, Angela Merkel's coalitions, Berlin, German population, Dresden, Angela, Merkel, TNS survey German magazine Spiegel, TNS, survey, German magazine Spiegel, German magazine, Spiegel, German demands strong immigration

  Berlin:  According to an international media reports, a majority of the German population considers that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is not giving importance on the issue of seekers of political shelter and immigration. In this context, the protest marchesbeing seenin every week, in eastern German city of Dresden. The party described, “People who want to remain here on a ...

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OMG: Afghan Boy Abbas Alizada Look Like Bruce, Rocked on Internet

Afghan Boy Abbas Alizada as bruce lee, Bruce Lee, Bruce, Lee, Abbas, Alizada, Abbas Alizada looks as Bruce Lee, Hollywood star Bruce lee, Kabul, Abbas Alizada images, Abbas Alizada video, new Bruce lee comes from Afghanistan

  Kabul: Nobody can be unaware of the well-known and best Martial Arts, Kung Fu champion Bruce Lee but some pictures and videos uploaded on internet of a young afghan boy, who looks like as same Bruce Lee, rocked on internet. Afghanistan’s Hazara tribe belonging 20-year-old Abbas Alizada had uploaded photos and videos these shows like imitation of Kung Fu ...

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ISIL Issued a Booklet Full of Embarrassing Instructions

ISIL Issued a Booklet about yazdi, British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SOHR, Raqqa ,Hassakeh, Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL, Iraq-Syria militant group, Damascus, Bagdhad, Iraq, Syria, IS actions, ISIS kidnapped Yazdi girls,

  Damascus: The whole world is criticizing on Iraq-Syria militant group as they had kidnapped thousands of women of Yazidi religion but now, the situation has become even more shocking because Islamic State (IS)has declared those women their own  property. The foreign media has reported, the militant organization (ISIS) had even justified legal the sex with them, to torture them ...

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Top 10 Richest Personalities in the World

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  So many countries have the great economies and considered with respect of their unique or modern life style. However, some people who had done great struggle to be a wealthiest person in this world and became prominent icon in terms of wealth. Some time we ask question our self that who is world’s richest person in the world, our ...

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Firing and Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan, 19 Killed Including 6 Soldiers

Firing and Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan, President Ghani, Ashraf Ghani, Ashraf, Ghani, 19 Killed Including 6 Soldiers in Aghanistan, Kabul, Afghan Supreme Court, Taliban, Afghan securities, Afghan military, Taliban actions in Afghanistan

  Kabul:  12 people have been killed in Afghanistan which includes 6 army members from country as well as from outside the country whereas, several were injured in result of firing incidents and suicide attack. The afghan media corporation reported, a suicide attacker targeted the bus carrying soldiers and blew the bus with explosion, in which, 6 domestic and foreign ...

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More Than 4,000 People Killed in Ukraine’s Ongoing Dispute, United Nation Report

4,000 People Killed in Ukraine, United Nation Report on Ukraine clashes, UN estimation about fatalities in Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists, clashes in Ukraine, Ukraine, Russia, Geneva, Ukraine Russia conflict

  Geneva: The United Nations had described in their recent report, so far 4 thousand 600 people have been killed in clashes between the army and the separatists from April till now. According to the foreign media, the UN issued a report after their research, on continued Ukraine conflict, which shows, the conflicts between Ukraine’s military and pro-Russian separatists which ...

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Kim Kardashian Praised Pippa Middleton’s Booty

The American television so popular reality celebrity Kim Kardashian had praised English socialite Pippa Middleton’s bottom like this, Kim said, 'She has an amazing booty' and in the answer Middleton stated that Kardashian bum is not 'comparable' to the reality TV star's. The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star had revealed her about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister that she looks so beautiful as well has nice bottom. The American well-known rapper Kayne West’s hottest wife had struggled to blast on internet as she posed for Paper magazine’s front cover and became the first headline on the social media’s websites, in which, Kardashian shows naked curvy big booty that oiled up last month. The 34-year-old reality personality had responded in the result of Middleton’s column The Spectator's Christmas Special which she penned recently and pointed out on the year of booty, English author kicked out the American reality star’s vulgar Paper magazine shoot.

  The American television so popular reality celebrity Kim Kardashian had praised English socialite Pippa Middleton’s bottom like this, Kim said, ‘She has an amazing booty’ and in the answer Middleton stated that Kardashian bum is not ‘comparable’ to the reality TV star’s. The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star had revealed her about Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister ...

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