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Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time

Sugababes the band image, Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time, World's Top 10 famous girls bands, World top ten female bands

  The women are not behind in race of success than men in every field of life and always trying to do their best. It is not wrong to say that girls really love to music and many want to be rock star and also good musician and people also love to hear female voices as it feels good. Many ...

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3 Unknown Kills South African Football Team Captain ‘Senzo Meyiwa’

Who killed Senzo Meyiwa, how dies Senzo Meyiwa, story of Senzo Meyiwa’s death, Senzo Meyiwa dies, Meyiwa found dead, Senzo Meyiwa, South African Senzo Meyiwa dies

Pretoria: The South African national football team captain and goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead on late night of Sunday close to Johannesburg, a police spokesman reported to media. According to a international news media, The 27-year-old, Meyiwa who was played football for country team as goalkeeper as well captain was with his friend at his home on late Sunday ...

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Syria Forces Shelling on Rebel Hideouts, 31 Killed, Several Injured

Syrian Forces Shelling, Syrian Forces bombing, clash in Damascus, Kobane conflicts, ISIS war with coalition forces, IS fighters killed, ISIS militants, US attacks on IS hideouts

Damascus / Baghdad/Beirut/Istanbul: Government security forces attacked on rebel hideouts in Syria, in which 31 people killed including 13 children, whereas American jets fighters’ bombing is continued in Iraq and Syria on Islamic States’ secret positions.   According to media reports, 31 people killed as well as 13 children in Syrian city of Hamas due to bombing of government forces. ...

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Afghanistan Security Forces Offensives in Province Farah, 29 Taliban Killed

Afghanistan Security Forces Offensives, Taliban clashes with Afghan military, NATO forces clash, Afghan security offensives, Afghan Taliban attacks

Kabul: Afghanistan security forces killed 29 Taliban in latest operation in Farah, whereas afghan intelligence has claimed of arresting 5 Terrorists groups in these operations. According to afghan media reports on Sunday, Provincial police chief Gen. Mohammad Yaqub says that the fight between Afghan Security Forces and Taliban in Farah was started on Saturday, in which Taliban militants’ attacked suddenly ...

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Top Ten Restaurant in Singapore

Top Ten Restaurant in Singapore, Singapore's top 10 restaurants, Top ten food points in Singapore

  The Singapore is known for its beauty and marvelous culture, tradition as well as variety of different kinds of tasty food especially night time. The country hasn’t lack of attractive restaurants which acquire the attention those who looking for best romantic locations to spend their quality time with beloved life partners and family members. Singapore’s these top ten restaurants ...

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Boko Haram Abducts More 30 Boys, Girls in Northeast Nigeria

Boko Haram kidnap 30 more, Boko Haram abduct 30 girls-boys, Nigerian islamist group attack in Mafa, Boko Haram latest news, Boko Haram, Boko Haram abducted 30 people, Nigeria

  Kano-Nigeria: The Nigerian Islamist militant organization Boko Haram’s fighters abducted more nearly 30 girls and boys from Nigeria’s northeast village. That recent kidnaps from Boko Haram had made hopeless all because it wished for to free 219 young schoolgirls as they abducted since April from organization’s custody as after the controversial truce the Nigerian authorities announced. The town residents ...

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Top Ten Biggest Churches in this World

World's top ten largest churches, top 10 biggest churches in this world, Italy's biggest churches, beautiful churches

Churches are home of God and hence people feel peace, rest here as well as beg their God who provides them all the necessities according to his will because he knows what things good for their human. Christian people pray of God and for this purpose they love to visit churches on Friday, Sunday as well Tuesday, however, the capacity ...

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US, Plane Crashes in Chicago, 3 Pakistani Doctors Died

US, Plane Crash, plane crash in Chicago, Pakistani doctors killed in plane crash, Ali Kanchwala dies in plane crash, Maria Javed died in plane crash, Maria Javed,husband died in US plane crash

  Topeka:  international accounts, 3 Pakistani origin Physicians died in plane crash in American city Chicago. According to American media, Doctor Tauseef-Ur-Rehman,his friend doctor Ali Kanch Wala and his wife doctor Maria Javed were travelling into this plane which crashed in American state Kansas,  capital Topeka, all of them were going to see Tauseef-Ur-Rehman’s friend and flight was travelling to ...

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Top Ten Restaurants in Zurich, Switzerland

Restaurant Pavillon, top ten restaurants in zurich switzerland,top 10 restaurants in zurich, Best restaurants in Zurich

    Everyone is fond of eating food, always prefer good flavor and perfect ingredients in favorite dishes at home or in restaurants and hotels. But no one have the idea about tasty food points, for this you need to visit and taste variety of different kinds of foods, however we have searched for, it will help you to know ...

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Top Ten Universities in this World

top ten universities in the world California Institute of Technology, cambridge university, harvard university, imperial college, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford, oxford university, stanford university, top ten universities, top ten universities of the world, university of california, university of chicago

  Good institute makes good engineers, doctors, mechanics and businessman, businesswomen and no one can disagree to importance of good institutes. The veteran and intelligent teachers creates perfect result of any education centre, those institutes who have teachers those have skills to understand the nature of any student and according to it teaches them, in this case, result comes 100% ...

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Top Ten Fitness Exercises

elliptical benefits, Total Body Resistance Exercise benefits, top 10 fitness programs, World's top ten fitness plans, top ten fitness exercises, How to be healthy

  Health is biggest part of our life if we keep our health good or try to maintain good so we live long as it enhance our life. But question rise up that how can we do this? What kind of exercise would be suitable for us? So we are going to tell you or help you to take decision ...

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Energy Drinks Are Harmful For Health, Researches

Energy Drinks Are Harmful, Reports provides Energy Drinks Harmful, Energy drinks destroy our health, health tip, how much harmful energy drinks for health, Why ignore energy drinks

      Washington: According to new research, the use of energy drinks in daily life, becoming a trend in children and teenagers in Europe which is emerging as a major threat. In US broadcaster the experts said that addition of caffeine level in the energy drinks has increased which is harmful for the health. Experts say that usually energy ...

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Japan Made Chair to Remove Loneliness

Japan Made Chair, chair feels like relation, Japan creates chair to remove loneliness, how to remove loneliness, How to kick out loneliness, Japan made chair to remove loneliness

  Tokyo: A man invents many ways to facilitate himself. Some men don’t have the time but some hasn’t any source to pass the time. Relationships were counted importantly some Decades ago, relationships have the so much importance and every child love to sit in his grandmother lap as well as hear the story by her, was felt pleasant because ...

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