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33 People Killed, 80 Injured Including Police Chief and Police Captain in Car bomb blast in Iraq

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  BAGHDAD: Bomb blasts occurred in Iraq’s many cities, killed 33 people including a provincial police chief and police captain, several others are wounded.   The large northeastern district is targeted by militant groups with different kinds of bomb attacks almost every week.   International news agency stated, in Iraq Anbar province, Police chief and Chief Ahmad Sadag was going with ...

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Kevin Pietersen Reveals Rahul Dravid as Teachers

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LONDON: The English experienced batsman Peterson has confessed that Indian batsman Rahul Dravid is my real teacher. Rahul Dravid taught me how to play spinners like a little brother, now I’m easy to play spinners and try to copy my teacher, Peterson revealed. Pietersen writes, “Rahul was a great and heroic Indian batsman in his day. He is also a ...

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Hong Kong – Going On Clashes Between Police and Protesters – Dozens People Arrested

Hong Kong clashes, Fight Between Police and Protesters, People Arrested protesters, conflict in Hong Kong, Hong kong ongoing conflict

Dozens people have been taken into custody by security forces during the clash that took place between students, pro-democracy protesters and police. According to foreign news agencies, clashes started between Hong Kong police and democratic protestors when security forces tried to empty underground passageway present in front of government head quarter. Police used pepper spray along with poles to disperse ...

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India: Polling Starts for Assembly Elections in States Maharashtra and Haryana

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  New Delhi: polling has been started in India’s two states as Maharashtra and Haryana for 378 Indian national assembly seats’ elections. According to Indian media reports, process of polling for assembly elections of two Indian states Maharashtra and Haryana started at Indian  local time 7am to 6pm. Round about 8 crore, twenty five million voters will elect the 378 ...

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Lungs Cancer Appears After 20 Years in Victim

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LONDAN: The scientists researched and disclosed that lungs cancer appeared in victim after 20 year as it speared slowly slowly in human body and also makes its roots and victim couldn’t know about because it attacks silently.   The London institute of cancer research said, in the compiled cavity that 1500000 peoples are died with the lungs cancer according to ...

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Jerome Taylor Completes 100 Wickets in ODI Series

Jerome Taylor, Jerome Taylor wickets, West Indies shooter, Jerome Taylor 100 wickets, Jerome, Taylor, 100 wickets

Jerome Taylor a shooter of West Indies team, had completed his 100 wickets against the Indian team in 5 ODI Series. He was called West Indian squad as bowled tremendously in the final match of their series against Sri Lanka in June 2003. Jerome completed his wickets with the opening batsman Dewan on the first over of the match. This ...

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Glenn Maxwell Turns to 26 | Happy Birthday Maxi

The Big Show,Glendeep Singh, GlennSingh Maxwell, Maxi, Smarti, Australian running machine, hard stroker, T20 perfect Batsman, Happy birthday Glenn Maxwell

  World’s famous running machine- Australian all-rounder turns to 26 October 1988, was born and raised in Kew Melbourne. The real name of the Glenn is Glenn James Maxwell but known as with nick names The Big Show, Glen deep Singh Glenn Singh Maxwell and some others from their fans as he won million hearts with his extraordinary performances in ...

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Access of Cholesterol Becomes Cause of Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Access of Cholesterol, disadvantages of cholesterol, how to reduce cholesterol, cholesterol kills heart, blood pressure, heart diseases

Cholesterol is actually being fat in liver which have two types in both these high density lipoprotein that is useful for body whereas low density lipoprotein harmful for your health. Certain amount of cholesterol is a source to maintain human health but with imbalance diet we can suffered in many bad diseases as heart and some other. Those foods who ...

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US Announces Support for Diamer Basha Dam Project

Diamer Basha Dam Project, total cost of Diamer Basha Dam, Diamer Basha Dam construction date, US and Pakistan projects

The electricity crisis is one of the biggest issue of Pakistan and hence the current government is struggling to resolve this problem. For this purpose, Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar met with United States’ some senior officials well known Leading businessmen to get their financially help to construction of 4500 mega watts Diamer Basha Dam and after great efforts the ...

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Expected: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Reach in India on October 14

galaxy note 4, Galaxy , samsung galaxy, korean company, Galaxy in pakistan, Samsung phones, Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung smartphones

  If rumors are to be believed, South Korean company Samsung all set to launch their new magical device “The Next Galaxy” on 14 October, 2014, Samsung presents its new mind-blowing creation that left behind all other smartphones. The Korean company had introduced Galaxy Note 4 in September at pre-IFA 2014 event, the ddevice featured with new S Pen stylus ...

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Islamic State Prevented Advancing – 19 Killed in Clashes

ISIS news, IS, Islamic States, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Iraq-Syria militant group, US airstrikes in Iraq, US airstrikes on IS hideouts, Syria war

  Kobani: in United States pinnacle, Coalition Forces have done airstrikes at town Syria located at Turkey and Syria border against ISIS as a result Islamic state have stopped  its advancing  while 19 killed in clashes. According to international media accounts, nearly 18 were killed in demonstrations against Iraq-Syria militant organization Kurdish civilians and curfew have been imposed in 9 ...

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