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A Unique Way To Deal Naughty Children In The US

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A Unique Way To Deal Naughty Children. Atlanta: when waywardness of naughty children cross limit, parents are bound to punish them. Therefore a barber of state of America Atlanta introduced a unique way to punish naughty children by cutting their hair in old people style. Hair dresser city, Fredrick has provided his services in punishing naughty children who uses a ...

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Services Of Cristiano Ronaldo In 30 Million Pounds

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  Portuguese Football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent says the total value of his services is 30 million pounds. Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent kurky Mendis told Newsfy Sports team that if letting Ronaldo to Rayal Madrid tomorrow, he can be bought for £ 30 million Kurky told Nesfly sports editor that the captain of the Portuguese national football team, is the best ...

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Passenger Car Collided With Train, 6 People Killed In It

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  New York: New York in the US a passenger car collided with train, which resulted in six people death and several propel injured through this collision According to foreign news agency in New York’s Wall Hella high-speed Metro North train hit the car, which killed six people, including the driver of the car. Several people were injured in that ...

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BMW Has Rectified Car Security ‘Software’

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  The international company BMW ‘software’ has rectified the software through “security patches” which was out of order due to which 22 million cars were at the mercy of hackers This error occurred in the cars in which BMW “Connected Drive” software that was fitted that uses ‘on board’ SIM card. The affected cars include Rolls-Royce and Mini models BMW ...

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Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In The World

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It is an exact famous proverb that time is valuable and everybody in this universe is stirring agreeing to it, consequently a mechanism is hugely needed that precisely tells the time. Various kinds of watches are available in the world. Some of them are most expensive while other is splendid. 1. Cartier secret watch with phoenix décor: It is a ...

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America Is Considering Rendering Defense Weapons To Ukrianiam Military

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  According to American media American government is considering for providing defense weapons to Ukrainian government for war against Russian rebels. The media reported that American authorities are considering the possibility of sending weapons that are used for defense. Well about this concern the final decision has not been made up till now. However the Spokesperson of national security “Brnadyt ...

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Peter Will Not Rest Until The Release Of Their Colleagues

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The family of Egypt’s prison Australian journalist Peter grysta, who got freedom, says they will continue to seek the release of their two colleagues. Al Jazeera channel belonging Peter Grysta kept in Egypt jail for 400 days on Sunday after freedom from prison was deported. After his release from Cairo he arrived in Cyprus by plane and now they have ...

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Top Ten Beautiful Houses In The World

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A house is most important and essential things for survival of life. We cannot imagine the existence of life without house. The world is full of houses, some of them are most important while other average. But a house special full of all necessities is most important for life. ANTILLA HOUSE This house is one of most expensive and largest ...

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Two Rare Statues Of Michal Angela Have Been Identified

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According to Expert Artist in Britain, he has been possibly succeeded in identifying two bronze statues made by famous Italian sculptor Michelangelo made making. These are lat two bronze statues made by the hands of expert sculptor that exit today. Italian sculptors of the Renaissance era has shown in the two one-meter high statues of naked men ride the tiger ...

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Top Ten Best Heroes


The world is famous full of most powerful and attractive people. These people made world beautiful and places for living. Few of them were who capable to fight with every type of problem. The left comfort and spent live in marvelous way. MUSTAFA KEMAL Mustafa Kemal Pasha was a ruler in the kingdom of Turkey. All rulers are not bad ...

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Top Ten Beautiful Restaurants


  The universe is full of beautiful hotels and restaurants. Some of them are so attractive and splendid in the world. Following are top 10 restaurants in the world. EL TOVAR, ARIZONA This eating place directs the more than 2 million years from the past environmental past of Grand Canyon, Arizona. The list of options contains south western and Scottish ...

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Top Ten Cars

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Travel is important in every time period of history and in present. Nowadays travel is become very easy due to numerous kinds of vehicles. Car is one of most significant mode of vehicles as we can go at any place without difficulty and late.    AUDI R8 The elderly car early will be returned R8 between now a days greatest attractive cars. ...

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