Actor Seema Deo, 83, passed away.

At age 83, veteran actor Seema Deo passed away. She is a legend of Marathi cinema and has acted in several Hindi movies, including Koshish, Kora Kagaz, and Anand.

At the age of 83, veteran actor Seema Deo, who appeared in movies like Anand, Koshish, and Kora Kagaz, passed away on August 24. Abhinay Deo, her son and a filmmaker, told, “Mom passed away earlier today. Even though she had Alzheimer’s, she was in good health overall.

Abhinay revealed his mother’s health issue in 2020, writing on Twitter, “My mother Shrimati Seema Deo, doyen of Marathi cinema industry, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The entire Deo family has been praying for her well-being, and we would like for Maharashtra as a whole—which she loved so dearly—to join us.

Seema was a well-known actor in Marathi cinema as well as various Hindi films. Throughout her career, she made appearances in more than 80 movies. Her Marathi acting credits also include Vardakshina and Jagachya Pathivar. She last appeared in the Marathi movie Jivan Sandhya from 2021.

Seema stated that Raja Paranjape, her guru, was responsible for her career in 2017. At a gathering in Pune, she declared, “My master Raja Paranjape is the reason for everything I have been able to do in my career. He not only instructed me in acting, but also put me through such hard training that it felt extremely natural.

Veteran actor Ramesh Deo, Seema’s spouse, died of a heart attack in 2022. As he recalled their love affair in 2011, Ramesh told The Indian Express that Seema was very fortunate for him. He claimed that the day he met her, he was cast in a crucial movie part. They were wed in 1963 and have been together for 59 years.

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