CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga Organizes Heartwarming Raksha Bandhan Program with Nursery and UKG Students

Location: CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga in Assam

CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga planned a beautiful Raksha Bandhan program that brought together young minds from the Nursery and UKG sections in a heartwarming show of camaraderie and cultural celebration. Distinguished individuals, including Principal Basanta Thakuria and devoted teachers Bhanita Pathak and Trishnarani Pathak, graced the occasion, making it a day to remember for both students and staff.

An important Indian holiday called Raksha Bandhan honors the relationship between siblings. It stands for the unwavering support, care, and love that siblings provide for one another. With this chance, CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga taught their youngest kids the value of relationships from an early age and instilled these principles in them.

A lively and exquisitely furnished location that embodied the joyous spirit of Raksha Bandhan served as the event’s introduction. The young children, dressed in traditional garb, brought a sense of innocence to the scene. Principal Basanta Thakuria gave a brief introduction to the program and underlined the value of celebrations like Raksha Bandhan in educating kids about their cultural history and establishing close ties.

The highlight of the event was the hands-on experience of tying rakhi, a traditional bracelet symbolizing the bond between siblings. Educator Trishnarani Pathak demonstrated the delicate art of tying a rakhi to the eager children, who then enthusiastically followed suit. The joy and excitement on their faces as they exchanged these symbolic threads were truly heartwarming.

Basanta Thakuria, the school’s principal, commended the students for their enthusiastic participation and complimented the teachers for their tireless work in planning such a special occasion. He stressed that CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga is dedicated to both academic success and overall development through the upholding of values and traditions.

Smiles, laughter, and a fresh appreciation of the significance of Raksha Bandhan marked the event’s conclusion. The young brains left the workshop with more than just vibrant rakhis adorning their wrists; they also had a deeper grasp of their relationships and a more nuanced awareness of culture.

The Raksha Bandhan event put on by CSC BAL VIDYALAYA Chenga is evidence of their dedication to developing well-rounded people who are not only academically skilled but also emotionally attached and culturally entrenched. These kinds of programs help the school maintain a supportive atmosphere where students can develop into law-abiding, compassionate citizens.

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